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We offer many courses and workshops to help electrical contractors and those that want to be, level up in the electrical trade. Click to learn more, and take your business to the next level.

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Need help with pricing, sales, customer acquisition? One of the best ways to level up your career and electrical business is to get coaching. Jeff will give you his unfiltered knowledge with over 43 years of business experience. No one is helping electricians to level up like Jeff. Hurry space is limited, sign up before this offer goes away. 

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We have partnered up with the best businesses to help you level up in the trade. Everything from service software to service vehicle equipment. All to help you level up in the trade. Some are paid sponsors but most are just the things we use everyday in our "brick and mortar" that we want to share with you.  Take a look and let us know if there is anyone or anything you need to help take it to the next level.

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Being a sucessful electrician or electrical contractor means connecting with other electricians and contractors. 

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